The VII’s Single ‘Love Will Change’

‘Love Will Change’ was released on September 26th and we think you will find it to be one the most compassionate songs of the year. Tonia Hughes Kendrick did an incredibly moving performance of the song that was written and produced by Jordan Erdman.

We were so touched by the music and its message that we spoke with Jordan to learn more about the song and discovered its message is to change the lives of children – one child at a time.

The project started out small.  Jordan’s friend Angelique Dove Hatch has four children, three of them adopted. She made a YouTube video to showcase the adoption process and their lives after moving to their forever home with the Hatches. Jordan set out to write her a song that she could post without running the risk of copyright violation.

Angelique is a board member for Joint Council, a nonprofit child advocacy organization that pushes for legislation and funding to protect children that do not have a voice.  Her planning role gives hope and a voice to the children living without forever families.

Sitting at the piano surrounded by photos of orphaned children, Jordan wrote ‘Love Will Change.’ He brought Tonia Hughes in to sing the vocals and added a gospel choir featuring Billy Steele, Tonia Hughes, David Hurst, Sara Lucille Renner, Darlene Miller, NeeCee Spearman-Davis and the Land of Lakes Choirboys directed by Aaron Carpenter.

Piano and B3 organ was done by Tommy Barbarella, bass players Tony Axtell, drums Brian Kendrick, violin and cello Derek Nakamoto.

Erdman sent the song to L.A. to be mixed by Rob Chiarelli and then on to Nashville to be master by John Mayfield. Recording and engineering was done by Jordan and Adam Colt at Sevens-Gate Recording Studio, Hudson, WI.


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